Precautions to stay safe in Vietnam for foreign tourists

Oct 31, 2018
Vietnam is a beautiful country in their nature and people. But there seems to be growing safety (and hospitality) concerns for foreign tourists in recent years. I would say, in a broader sense, that every society has its up- and down-sides and probably Vietnam, for some reasons, is going on some of the strange twists. As for every traveller, we try to be open-minded but also cautious and informed. So grab your note because here are a few things to be that “informed” before setting out on your life-changing trips to Vietnam.

Travelling within Vietnam: It is sadly true that rips-off is becoming more prevalent in the tourism industry in general and tourist transportation in particular. Tourists are likely to be charged more (or a lot more) than the real cost of the ride by self-operated cabs or motortaxis (known as xe ôm). So it is a better choice to pick reputable brands of cab such as Mai Linh or Vinasun or opt for the emerging services of Grab (for both cab and motorbike taxi) and...
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